Leigh Haugseth, Expert in Human Behavior


Hi, I’m Leigh Haugseth and I’m an expert in human behavior

Leigh Haugseth, Expert in Human Behavior

I love the human brain and am fascinated with finding out what makes people tick. A ‘people watcher’ from the cradle, I look, listen and learn from every situation.

Using the power of behavior psychology and my experience coaching thousands in behavior change, I help you understand the hows and whys of your client’s behavior so that you become a Jedi master at understanding and meeting their needs – sometimes before they even know what they are.

Something I’ve learned about myself lately is that I get easily overwhelmed and need simplicity in my business and life. If something isn’t simple and fairly fun to do, I won’t do it! It’s human nature and something I embrace and work with rather than against. I have a unique background in engineering (a.k.a. problem solving) and Public Health where I learned about psychology and human health behavior. I was privileged to train with the renowned behavior expert Dr. BJ Fogg of Stanford University. Dr. Fogg is the father of Behavior Design and creator of a unique persuasion system that large companies across the globe utilize. I’m bringing this ground-breaking work to health and wellness entrepreneurs because it can help coaches better understand their clients behavior, and their own behavior, so they can market in a simple, straightforward ways that gets results.

I also really believe in the work health coaches do. I was one for many years before getting into marketing and behavioral science roles. Simplifying offers and marketing is something I’m great at and I love helping a coach feel relief from overwhelm and renewed energy around talking about their business.

I can’t wait to meet you.


The #1 factor that changes people’s behavior? Simplicity.

You have a lot of experience in changing behavior, probably more than any other person here at Bootcamp. They will benefit from your insights and experiences.

Dr. BJ Fogg to Leigh

Behavior Scientist, Stanford University, CA

Leigh was responsive, informative and helpful, but more importantly her feedback was SO INCREDIBLY USEFUL and DETAILED.  Her insights were things I know will have a direct positive impact on my business going forward. Definitely work with her! She’s great!

Carrie Richardson Fry

Coaching client, Cr2f Prints

Working with Leigh is joy – she is a killer combination of a kind and empathetic soul and a tenacious bulldog who can always be counted on for a supportive and love filled kick in the *#!@. Suddenly, what had felt impossible, felt well within reach. 
Ashley Anderson

Coaching Client

I believe everyone deserves to live a life that makes them smile and leap out of bed each day.

I know that understanding how behavior works is the key to getting what you want.

I think ‘lazy’ is a luxury we should all have.

I want to help you design a life that gives you freedom and autonomy.