Are you a business owner or someone with a side gig and looking for clients? Do you sometimes struggle with figuring out how to talk about your business and connect with people who may want your services? I want to share a behavior based technique that keeps you from getting nervous, gets you clients in no time flat, and makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.

The technique?

Show empathy.

The word empathy is thrown around casually sometimes but it’s an extremely important quality to have in both life and business. Study after study shows empathy helps bring business results but this is NOT why you should be using it. Use it to better understand and connect with who you’re talking to. Use it to enrich the experience of working with them.


Here’s how you can use empathy to get clients:


When you encounter someone who may need your services, have a genuine conversation with them. Listen, reflect and ask questions. When you strive to understand someone’s situation and they can feel that from you, a sense of trust develops. You can then talk in an honest and direct way about if and how you can help them.


  • Go where your ideal client hangs out – online or out in the world
  • Imagine what it feels like to be in their shoes
  • Listen, give them space, and show you are listening by describing what they are telling you back to them
  • Talk about the problem they are having and help them feel understood
  • Offer a solution in a gentle but direct way


People often have a lot of fear around their problems or issues including fear of failure or fear of being judged. Show empathy to normalize these feelings and help them to a place where they can take a step out of their fear and agree to work with you.

Here’s the thing though… empathy can’t be faked. You have to genuinely connect with someone and imagine what it feels like to be in their shoes. A common misconception is that empathy means you have to feel what they are feeling or bear the weight of their problems. This is NOT true. It simply means understanding what they are going through by listening, understanding, and showing you care. It’s that simple.

Start practicing this week when you’re at a coffee shop, striking up a conversation at yoga class, or on a discovery call with a potential client. Your ideal customers are dying to feel heard and understood. Showing genuine empathy creates space for deeper conversations to happen and opens doors. This is what business and life are all about, right? Use it as an opportunity to connect, offer someone what they are looking for, and make a good living from it all at the same time. It’s a win-win-win. 😉