How many times have you heard that changing our behavior and habits can be a challenge? I know I’ve heard it about a million times. It can be true but often it’s not. Changing our behavior is not as hard as you might think! There are ways to work with our human nature so we don’t have to ‘willpower through’ everything. Let’s look at exercise for a second. We all know the benefits of exercise are numerous. It lifts our mood, tones our muscles, improves our circulation, strengthens joints and bones, helps control our weight, reduces our risk of cancer, gives us energy and helps us make healthier choices in other areas of our lives. So why does it seem so darn hard to do sometimes?

Here’s the truth: When it comes to exercise, it’s not all your fault. A number of factors are at play. First, we have to drive most places because our cities and communities were not built to be walkable. We’re also more sedentary at our jobs. In our precious free time, it’s easy to plop down with our electronic devices which keep us glued to our screens AND our couches. The bottom line: If physical activity is not naturally built into our day, we have to make more of a conscious effort to get it in. How do we do this? Let’s take a look at human nature.

As a general rule, humans tend to be 3 things:

  1. Lazy
  2. Social (this is in our DNA)
  3. Creatures of habit

The trick with any behavior, including exercise, is to work WITH these traits instead of against them.

I’ve talked about some of the ways we can do this in recent posts like How to Bypass Willpower, Starting Tiny and Making it Easy. If you’d like to work with me, and have your own personal coach to show you how to work with your nature and not against it, my new Game Changing Habits program starts next Monday, April 17th. It’s all about creating exercise habits you actually enjoy! I’ll personally coach you for 5 days around finding something you love doing, and fitting it into your life easily. Here’s what you can expect:

I’ll send an introductory email on Sunday, the 16th. We’ll say hello, I’ll get to know you a little bit and see where you are with exercise. Over the next 5 days, we’ll email once in the morning and once in the evening. We’ll look at motivation, making it easy, fitting it into your life, consistency and support. You have full access to my behavior change expertise and can ask me anything you like during this time.

Each day, I’ll be sending you tips and tricks that have worked for others to help spark ideas. If you’re lacking in motivation, you’re not alone, you’re human! I’ll show you how this can actually work for you rather than against you. We’ll also talk about how to continue your forward progress once we’ve finished coaching for the week. Ongoing support is key and we’ll create some structure so you’re not left on your own and have something fun to look forward to!

If you’d like to work with me, I’m running a special for today only. If you sign up today, you get a 50% discount! Just hit the ‘Sign me up’ button here and shoot me an email at (I had a problem with my business email the past couple of weeks, so if you’ve sent me something, it may have gotten lost. It’s fixed now.)

Here’s to moving our bodies joyfully with more ease and fun!