I have a bad habit of leaving my closet door wide open. Even though it drives my fiance, Ben, crazy, I still leave it open. We’ve even had talks about it. It’s directly in front of his side of the bed so every morning and night he wakes up looking at all my clothes and shoes and everything else girly in my tiny cramped closet. Not the most calming way to start or end the day visually… I get it. And I’m trying! I really am! I’ve been better about it but apparently it’s not good enough. I still run out the door without shutting my closet door. It’s not a priority for me.

Recently, I’ve started shutting it EVERY TIME. Morning, noon and night.

Did I suddenly realize it’s imperative that I close it, for the health of our relationship? No, and it’s really not. Did I set a reminder each day to close it? Nope. Did I put a sticky note inside my closet door saying ‘CLOSE THE DOOR!’ where I’d see it every time I go in my closet? No. None of these would have worked. What did work?

I’m getting married.

In 4 months. My dress, is hanging in my closet. It’s in a garment bag but still… I really don’t want Ben to see it before our wedding. As long as that dress is hanging in my closet, I will shut the door every time if it means I can surprise him on our wedding day.

How does this relate to you and your business? If there’s something you’re really wanting your customer to do and they’re not doing it, find out what THEY want to do (what drives and motivates them?) and tie it together with what YOU want them to do.

For example, if you run an Etsy shop selling wall art but you’d really like to expand the sculpture side of your business, find out what images are most popular and offer sculptures of that particular image to see if it gets them in the door. Play with trying different things to see what works.

What is it you’d like people to do on your website? Purchase your coaching or your offerings? How can you figure out what THEY are really wanting and loop it in with what you offer? What would make them REALLY want to work with you?