The Behavior Labs

How to influence behavior – for your business and your being

Leigh Haugseth, Expert in Human Behavior

The Behavior Labs

How to influence behavior – for your business and your being

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Your Game Changing Habit

What’s one habit that would be a game changer for you?  In this program, I use a non-traditional method that helps ‘rewire’ your brain so that you bypass willpower altogether.

Your brain will work with you instead of against you.

Your new habit will become enjoyable. And when you start seeing the results you will know – it really is that easy.

This program truly is a game changer!

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Persuasion Revamp

You have a wealth of information, a unique set of skills, and tons of value to offer…

Your website is banging, your brand is ‘on point’, you’ve even had your colors ‘done’…

Your brilliant offering is beautiful and jam-packed with useful information

Everything is in place but…where are the customers?

Do you need a Persuasion Revamp?

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One on One Coaching

Do you want to create a business but don’t know where to start?

Have you been trying to lose weight for forever, maybe you are successful for a while but then it piles right back on?

There is nothing quite like the feeling of having someone who is one hundred percent on your side.

Having a skilled personal coach in your corner is your secret weapon.

Leigh Haugseth, Expert in Human Behavior

Hey, I’m Leigh!

I’m an expert in human behavior.

I love the human brain and am fascinated with finding out what makes people tick. A ‘people watcher’ from the cradle, I look, listen and learn from every situation.
Using the power of behavioral psychology and my experience coaching thousands in behavior change, I help you understand the how’s and why’s of your customer’s behavior so that you become a Jedi master at understanding and meeting their needs – sometimes before they even know what they are!

Praise & Love Notes

Leigh, you have a lot of experience in changing behavior, probably more than any other person here. They will benefit from your insights and experiences.

Dr. BJ Fogg

Behavior Scientist, Stanford University, CA

Leigh led and facilitated an informative session on behavior change for our staff at Hands On Nashville and Go Green Home Services. The content was extremely pertinent and applicable to our work which our team has already implemented into our program. I highly recommend Leigh as a consultant and thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She will be an asset to any team she touches.

Jaclyn Mothupi

Energy Consultant, TN Department of Environment and Conservation

I met Leigh a few years ago and she has always been so inspiring. She’s a firm believer in taking adventures and challenging yourself to do things you never thought you could do. She uses real life applications to help you navigate your own personal journey and walks with you each step of the way. Leigh is a rock star at what she does and it’s truly an honor to know her!

Sarah Gillis

Gentle Movements

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