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A minimal marketing plan that’s easy to show up for

You’re a health and wellness coach running your own business and getting some clients, but it’s feast or famine. You’re longing for more of a steady stream of ideal clients without having to spend a ton of time marketing. You know you need to market to get reliable income but hate the idea of ‘selling’ and are overwhelmed with where to start and which activities to do.

You are not alone. Health coaches are usually great at coaching but haven’t been trained in marketing. There are so many ‘experts’ out there telling you what to do and how to create things like ‘content plans’ and ‘marketing strategies’ and you’re thinking “Can I just have something simple to do regularly that I don’t have to think about too much?”

Yes. You absolutely can.

Even if you’ve never marketed anything in your life.

Even if you’ve tried several different things that just didn’t work.

Even if you think you don’t like doing it!

Have you ever caught yourself thinking…

  • “I’m overwhelmed at the thought of having to ‘market’ all the time”
  • “I have no idea which messages to focus on, where to put them, or how to get my stuff out there.”
  • “I hate having to ‘sell’ to people.”
  • “I know I’m a great coach but I really struggle with the marketing and selling piece.”
  • “I have very little time to market yet I keep hearing I need to be all over social media.”
  • “I’m not sure which marketing channels to use!”
  • “I’m not sure what marketing I should be doing each day and can’t tell if any of it works!”
  • “How can I structure my time so I don’t feel overwhelmed?”
  • “I feel motivated sometimes but really lazy at other times. Does that mean I’m not cut out to be a successful coach and business owner?”

It’s easy to get lost in these thoughts. We get in our own way and can’t see the simple path. Marketing your offer doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it works much better if it’s not!

“You really helped me see the “obvious” in terms of that and what I like the most about my clients and what fulfills me the most.”

~ Birta Bjargardottir, Health Coach at ubebu

    What if you had a crystal clear picture of what you enjoy doing when it comes to marketing?

    What if you pin-pointed your strengths and focused those on one or two main ways you deliver your message consistently? What if you felt safe in knowing it can be really simple? Doesn’t that sound easier?

    I can help.

    My name is Leigh and I, too, get easily overwhelmed and need simplicity in my business and my life for sanity. If something isn’t easy and fairly fun to do, I won’t do it! It’s human nature and something I embrace and work with rather than against. I have a unique background in engineering (a.k.a. problem solving) and Public Health where I learned about psychology and human health behavior. I love the human brain and am fascinated with finding out what makes people tick.I was privileged to train with the renowned behavior expert Dr. BJ Fogg of Stanford University. Dr. Fogg is the father of Behavior Design and creator of a unique persuasion system that large companies across the globe utilize. I’m bringing this ground-breaking work to health and wellness entrepreneurs because it can help coaches better understand their clients behavior, and their own behavior, so they can market in a simple, straightforward ways that gets results.

    I really believe in the work health coaches do. I was one for many years before getting into marketing and behavioral science roles. Simplifying offers and marketing is something I’m great at and I love helping a coach feel relief from overwhelm and renewed energy around talking about their business.

    When you book a Marketing Made Simple session, here’s what we’ll dive into together:


    Audit of your website, marketing assets
    (emails, social media, elevator pitch, etc.)

    We do this so I can get a chance to see how you’re messaging is coming across and the journey your clients are taking in as they look at what you’re putting out there. I’ll share my finds and recommendations during our session.


    Video walkthrough of audit during our session

    I’m going to walk you through some improvements you can make immediately in your marketing or main website pages. These are generally simple changes that don’t require a lot of outside help. I’ll also make recommendations on how to make your strengths and personality stand out so you’re communicating effectively what it is that you do and how you help clients.

    “You gave the information in a very friendly and positive way, with a nice balance of constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. The feedback didn’t feel overwhelming for me or make me feel that everything I’d done before was totally useless. I felt called to action/implementation while watching the feedback and reading through it.” ~ Birta Bjargardottir, Health Coach at ubebu

    If you’d like to see what an audit and session with me looks like, here’s a quick walkthrough:


    Deep dive coaching session - 90 minutes

    • We’ll talk through what your main offer(s) should be that you really enjoy and how to design a simple marketing plan that is: easy to show up for on a regular basis, consists of 1-2 marketing channels where your clients are and where you feel comfortable, and what time of day each day works best for you to maintain consistency. 
    • I use a combination of coaching to help you discover your strengths and what you enjoy doing, and a directive approach to co-create a simple marketing plan that you enjoy. I’ll also share tips on how to change your own behavior as a business owner so that you feel confident, at ease, and not overwhelmed with your to-do list.
      • “You ask very poignant questions that forced me to get very clear on what I was trying to do and who I was trying to help/target. I felt very comfortable talking with you and being open and honest.” ~ Christina Cannes, Coach at Big, Beautiful Sky

    Written plan of action to use moving forward

    You receive a tangible plan that you can use as your simple marketing bible for the next few months, etc. so you’ll know what you’re doing every day. We’ll look at your core messages and talk about how to easily create content so it’s fun! I’ll also share some resources you can use and refer to.


    Follow up coaching call 2 weeks after session - 20 minutes

    We’ll check in to see how you’re progressing, what’s working, and what’s not. I’ll coach you through any stuckness you may be having so you can continue to keep moving forward and making progress with sharing your work. We’ll also be sure to celebrate your wins! It’s so important to recognize ourselves when making progress. It reinforces that part of the brain to help us feel good whenever we take action.


    Investment in your sanity: $397 (limited time launch price!)

    After completing a Marketing Made Simple planning session with me, you will:

    • Know exactly what you’re going to do each day to market and attract clients
    • Have more fun with marketing and using your strengths and personality so it feels natural
    • Know how to structure your time as a business owner so you have time for other things in your life
    • Have room for creative thinking and other things in your life because you’re not so worried about what you’re supposed to be doing to market.
    • Be able to get more clients in the door because you know exactly how to talk to someone about what you offer and how it helps solve their problem.

    One other thing: We don’t just talk about your best potential marketing channels in this session, you’ll actually choose something with me there to coach, guide and hold that space for you.

    Simplicity and consistency are the golden tickets when it comes to marketing and we’ll find what works best for you so you market effectively and easily attract your ideal clients.

    If you’re excited to start feeling more ease and simplicity around your marketing book a 20 min call to chat with me about what you’re currently doing. If you’d like a quick walkthrough of what the audit and this offer look like, check out this video.

    What doclients say?

    “Thank you so much for the session. I very much enjoyed it and it gave me SO MUCH CLARITY! You are a wonderful listener, have amazing insight and instincts and are a wealth of information. I also found working with you very easy and professional and you have an excellent sense of humour!”

    ~ Christina Cannes, Coach at Big, Beautiful Sky

    Testimonial video from Lydia Lee                          ~ Screw the Cubicle

    Testimonial video from Christina Cannes                                                                          ~ Big, Beautiful Sky

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