Signature Offer Design

Create an offer that feels like you and a visibility plan that sells it like crazy

You’re a health coach that has a strong drive to make a difference in your clients’ lives and help them transform themselves. You feel confident about your mission, but are sometimes unsure of how to talk about what you do, and afraid to really get out there and sell yourself because something is holding you back.

You are not alone. Health coaches are usually great at coaching but haven’t been trained in marketing. There are so many ‘experts’ out there telling you what to do and how to create things like ‘content plans’ and ‘marketing strategies’ and you’re thinking “Can I just have something simple to do regularly that I don’t have to think about too much?”

Yes. You absolutely can.

Even if you’ve never marketed anything in your life.

Even if you’ve tried several different things that just didn’t work.

Even if you think you don’t like doing it!

Have you ever thought:

  • I’m not feeling confident in my offer and I’m not sure why
  • I don’t really love my offer, it’s just on my website because I’m good at it
  • I’m not sure how to talk about my offer in a way that gets clients excited
  • How do I describe the transformation that my clients will experience?
  • I’m afraid my clients won’t get the results I’ve promised and I’ll feel like a fraud
  • Why do my clients not follow through on what I’m coaching them on?
  • It’s so hard to come up with consistent content. I’m a coach, not a marketer.
    I’ve had these thoughts too. And I know they can really be paralyzing.

    The good news is that they don’t have to be! Coaches often think marketing is hard and consider hiring it out. Here’s the thing.

    Most of the time, marketing is not the problem. Your offer is.
    When you’re not feeling great about your offer, how you deliver it, and how it gets results, it’s much harder to market and sell it. A lot of time you don’t even realize you weren’t confident about part of your offer.

    The good news is you do not have to stay in this place. Getting stuck is completely normal and I’m here to help you through it and ensure you have an offer that is truly transformational for your clients and for you too!

    Marketing and selling becomes SO much easier when you have the right foundations in place. In fact, you’ll probably end up loving it because you’re talking about something you feel 100% confident about and enjoy helping people with.

    You CAN:

    • Have clear, and powerful offer that feels like you, is aligned with your strengths and gets your clients results,
    • Have fun in your business!
    • Enjoy working on your business as well as in your business.
    • Create messaging easily and have content coming to you effortlessly
    • Understand your main messages and easily create content around those
    • Have a simple plan on how to get the word out and get visible. Even if you’re not comfortable with  being ‘out there’ all the time. (I feel the same way!)
    • Have a signature offer that basically sells itself

    “You really helped me see the “obvious” in terms of  what I like the most about my clients and what fulfills me the most.”

    ~ Birta Bjargardottir, Health Coach at ubebu

    My name is Leigh and as a former health coach, I understand how much you want to get results for your clients yet not feeling sure your process is working. I worked with many clients who had trouble changing their habits, even the smallest ones. While I knew it wasn’t because I failed as a coach, I didn’t know how to make change easier for my clients. After training in Behavior Design, I completely changed my approach to coaching and life! I learned how to give my clients the highest chance for success possible, which resulted in better outcomes for them, and more fun for me as a coach.

    I have corporate marketing experience in the wellness field but marketing yourself as an entrepreneur is a little different. My approach is to keep it as simple as possible. In fact, simplicity is one of my core values and I love simplifying offers and marketing so you can focus on what’s essential, have fun doing it and easily bring in the income you want.

    Health coaches are such a force for good in this world. Especially right now, as we’re figuring out our way through and out of a pandemic. I want to help you transform your clients’ lives while making running your own business fun and profitable.

    When you sign up with me, we’ll cover these areas.

    Phase 1: Successful Offer Foundations

    Feel insanely confident about who you’re helping, why and how, and how to use your strengths in a way that sets you apart from the pack.
    • We’ll take a look at where you are currently in your business and where you want to be. I’ll do an assessment of your current business (marketing, offer, etc.) and give you my thoughts.
    • We’ll talk about why you’re in business and who you want to impact. This is important as it will drive you when money and recognition don’t.
    • Your strengths are key to a successful business and we’ll talk about what yours are and how they can help your business stand out (while having more fun)
    • If there are any areas you’re feeling stuck, or not confident in, we’ll address those.
    • You’ll decide what your boundaries and how you best like to work so this offer and the marketing of it is fun,  and aligned with who you are and the values you represent. 
    • You’ll know how to help your clients stay accountable, and what to do if they don’t follow through.

    Phase 2: Creating Your Signature Framework

    Create a highly sellable signature offer that is aligned with your strengths, and is fun and easy to deliver.
    • I’ll take a look at your current offer (or what you’re thinking of offering) and give feedback on the structure,  pricing, content, and ability to get results. 
    • We’ll talk about how to quantify those less tangible, but just as powerful, results clients get from working with  you. And talk about them.
    • How to tweak your offer so it lines up with your client’s pain points or desires.
    • We’ll identify your strengths and how you like to deliver information and/or teach your clients. You’ll be able  to infuse your personality into the offer so it feels good every time you work with someone.
    • We’ll make sure your offer is fun and easy for you to deliver and something your clients are excited to buy.

    Phase 3: Mastering Your Message

    How to talk about and sell your offer in a way that feels like you and attracts clients easily.
    • We’ll look at the benefits, results, feelings, and shifts that can occur from working with you in this program.
    • We’ll then take these benefits, results, etc. and craft messages around each one; using language that feels comfortable to you and sounds like you but also excites and gets the attention of your ideal clients.
    • You’ll learn how to frame these messages and communicate them in a way where people perk up and listen,  and really feel like you’re talking to them. 

    Phase 4: Visibility Plan

    Creating a simple visibility plan that builds your audience, is easy to pull from and gets you excited to sell.
    • We create a simple marketing plan based on how you like to communicate and use the marketing channels that are best suited to your strengths. We’ll make sure it seems fun and fairly easy to do while also looking at  ways to market that excite you, but are a little outside your comfort zone. 
    • Once we’ve got a simple marketing plan (how you’ll share, to whom, and where) we’ll talk about what content to create and share.
    • Lastly, we’ll look at what new habits need to be in place for you to be sharing your content on a schedule that feels good to you.

    “Working with Leigh was amazing. I was working on one of my programs and we did a deep dive into who my target audience was and how I could share more of my personal story to convert people into the program. I also learned so much about behavioral science, which I was curious about. All the feedback she gave me was so helpful and exact. She was generous with her time, expertise and knowledge. I highly, highly, highly recommend working with Leigh.”

    ~ Christina Cannes, Coach at Big, Beautiful Sky

    In this program you’ll get:

    • 90 minute intro session
    • Three 50 minute coaching calls via Zoom (With or without video – your choice!)
    • Session notes and recordings of the calls
    • Your fully fleshed-out offer structure in a Google doc you can edit and tweak at any time.
    • Tips on how to create messaging in your own voice that appeals to your ideal clients and stirs their emotions.
    • A list of core messages to refer back to when creating your content
    • A done for you simple marketing plan to use moving forward
    • My signature content plan template, based on your main messages, that you can pull from for months to come.
    • 2 weeks after our final coaching session, I’ll do a 30 min. check in to see how things are going and  answer any questions. 
    • You’ll also have 24/7 Voxer access to me during the entire program. Voxer is a walkie-talkie type app that lets us talk and leave messages to each other. This is great for when something comes up between coaching sessions.

    The program investment is $1497.

    After we work together, you will

    • Feel insanely confident about who you’re helping, why and how, and how to use your strengths in a way  that sets you apart from the pack.
    • Own a highly sellable signature offer that is aligned with your strengths, and is fun and easy to deliver.
    • Know how to talk about and sell your offer in a way that feels like you and attracts clients easily.
    • Have a simple visibility plan that builds your audience, is easy to pull from and gets you excited to sell.
    • Have confidence about what exactly your program does and the transformation it causes for your clients.

    You deserve to enjoy working in your business as a coach AND on your business as an entrepreneur. Let’s create offer magic, transformation for your clients (and yourself), and consistent income together.

    What doclients say?

    “Thank you so much for the session. I very much enjoyed it and it gave me SO MUCH CLARITY! You are a wonderful listener, have amazing insight and instincts and are a wealth of information. I also found working with you very easy and professional and you have an excellent sense of humour!”

    ~ Christina Cannes, Coach at Big, Beautiful Sky

    Testimonial video from Heather Lloyd

    Testimonial video from Lydia Lee