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Leigh Haugseth, Expert in Human Behavior

Work with Me

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Persuasion Revamp

Breathe new life into your business using the art of persuasive behavior without needing a degree in psychology or having the ethics of a used car salesman. You have a wealth of information, a unique set of skills, and a ton of value to offer… Your website is banging, your brand is ‘on point’, and you’ve even had your colors ‘done’… Your brilliant offering is beautiful and jam-packed with useful informationEverything is in place but… Where are the customers? Do you need a PERSUASION REVAMP?
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One on One Coaching

Do you want to create a business but don’t know where to start? Have you been trying to lose weight for forever, maybe you are successful for a while but then it piles right back on? Have you been in an information gathering holding pattern, unwilling or unable to take the first step? Having a skilled personal coach in your corner is your secret weapon.